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3DEXPERIENCE Implementation

3DEXPERIENCE Implementation

Simplifying the digital transformation journey, Processia proposes a PLM implementation program maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of its customer by deploying key added value features accelerating product development cycles. Processia’s program focuses on aligning business needs with PLM capabilities by improving business processes through best-practices approaches while limiting the application gaps and associated requirements for customizations. Implementation program is fed from (or includes) outcomes of Processia blueprint which is focused on implementation program definition.


Efficient infrastructure

  • Infrastructure sizing conducted based on true business needs accounting for future scalability
  • Putting up the infrastructure following key best practices and optimization plan for maximum performance
  • Maintenance and preventive plan for maximum up-time
  • Redundant systems for full control and data protection
  • Optional sizing of cloud environment for full system scalability

Successful Adoption

  • Seamless transition from blueprint projects to implementation
  • Agile, inspired implementation for quick return on investment, limited risk and improved visibility on changes
  • Efficient training tailored to business roles
  • On-site transition assistance
  • Clearly defined communication and adoption plan
  • KPI and KSF for success monitoring
  • Business centric PLM roadmap definition

Leading edge capabilities

  • Implementation program aligned with Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE product roadmap
  • FixPack deployment prior to final system validation increasing systems stability
  • Awareness and training sessions on latest available features and best practices

Risk Management

  • Continuous monitoring of solution gaps and mitigation
  • Full validation cycle including system unit, performance, regression testing and also business sprint validation, conference room pilot, UAT
  • Optional automated load testing simulating multi-geographic load distribution on 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Failover testing and restoration plan
  • Multi-phase migration approach
  • On-site go-live and user support


PLM Blueprint

  • Vision and needs assessment
  • Requirements mapping to 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Gap-fit and mitigation with optimal ROI
  • High level design aligning process and tools
  • Infrastructure sizing
  • Data migration and systems integration planning
  • Roll-out and transition plan

Preparation and environment set-up

  • Kick-off activities
  • Processia productivity tools configuration
  • Continuous integration framework
  • Automated quality and testing tools
  • Web project portal

Infrastructure procurement (cloud or on-premise)


  • Deep-dive from the blueprint high level design
  • Leveraging best practices for “Baseline Behavior” and “Unified Typing” for scalable solution
  • Systems integration detailed design
  • Agile, inspired delivery and validation

Sprint Development Deliveries

  • Application configuration and customization overlay leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE best practices
  • Scalable, upgradable and quality code
  • Continuous integration for automated builds, nightly deployment and validation
  • Backlog and sprint status tracking through web portal
  • Solution quality state and trends visible 24/7 through web portal
  • Regularly scheduled deliveries for business validation and changes management

Data Migration

  • Processia proprietary well proven data migration toolset for ease of transformation
  • Pre-configured toolset for ease of data migration from File structure, ePDM, Smarteam, AutoDesk Vault, etc.
  • Performance optimization
  • Bi-directional co-existence scenario supported for transition plan


  • Test campaigns scheduled and tracked with quality trend analysis in Web portal
  • Quality validation cycles: smoke testing, regression, conference room pilot, UAT, load, performance
  • Optional automated performance testing simulating various geographical distributed loads

Roll-Out and Optimize

  • Carefully planned roll-out and roll-back plans with step by step success criteria
  • Dry-run for predictable results and accurate logistics planning
  • Go-live event with “War Room” inspired on-site methodology for quick reactivity

Transition and HyperCare

  • Maintenance Plan and procedure hand-over
  • Shadowing transition period
  • Real-time issues tracking and prioritization
  • On-site user support
  • Roadmap definition


Project management
Project management
The project manager ensures the successful planning and the flawless execution to deliver on time and within budget.
Solution Architecture
Solution Architecture
The solution architect is responsible for analyzing and translating business information and technical requirements into the architecture and design of the solution.
Functional Consulting
Functional Consulting
The functional consultant documents the use cases, functional specifications, test plans and scenarios, and supports the customer’s end-users throughout the project implementation and deployment.
Software Architecture
Software Architecture
The software architect defines the software architecture enabling the successful implementation of the solution, such that it suits the business requirements and achieves the desired results under given constraints.
Infrastructure Architecture
Infrastructure Architecture
The infrastructure architect investigates and analyzes the feasibility of the system requirements, develops the targeted system specifications and is responsible for defining the right infrastructure to secure the deployment of the business solution implementation.
Systems Administration
Systems Administration
The system administrator performs the installation, administration and configuration of the required operating system, network servers and PLM related software for the realization of customer projects.

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