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3DEXPERIENCE Turnkey Cloud Hosting

3DEXPERIENCE Turnkey Cloud Hosting

Operating a high-availability and performant PLM platform without the constraints and costs associated to an internal infrastructure and maintenance team is what Processia is proposing to its customers. Processia leverages its high skilled knowledge of 3DEXPERIENCE platform maintenance and monitoring while partnering with leading edge cloud hosting providers to provide best-in-class high-availability 3DEXPERIENCE platforms with around-the-clock customer support


Optimal infrastructure

Providing cost-efficient, scalable, performant and high-availability cloud-hosted 3DEXPERIENCE infrastructure tailored to customer needs:

  • Fully managed with guaranteed SLA uptimes
  • Infrastructure size based on 3DEXPERIENCE performance enablement specifications
  • Single Tenant/Dedicated private cloud-hosted infrastructure.
  • Turnkey comprehensive maintenance schedule executed by 3DEXPERIENCE system administrators

Aversion to risk

  • Real time 24/7 system monitoring of infrastructure, DB, and apps including 3DEXPERIENCE tailored probes
  • SMS and SMTP alerts and escalation notification for immediate attention to critical issues
  • Proactive infrastructure capacity forecasting through trend analysis
  • Data and file replication/redundancy across multiple geography

Cost-efficient solution

  • Processia leverages its global worldwide presence to ensure around-the-clock support at minimal cost
  • Processia’s dedicated AMS team works on parallel customer projects to ensure a cost-efficient delivery model with the best skills onboard
  • SLA tailored to customer needs
  • Pre-scheduled and integrated PLM upgrade program enabling the latest features and fixes (option)

Easy access to support at anytime

  • 1-800 number for support on critical issues
  • Web-based ticketing system for services requests, prioritization and dispatching
  • Self-service web-based incident management with integrated knowledge base


Infrastructure Hosting

Processia implements a cost-efficient, reliable and performant infrastructure as the foundation for the customers’ 3DEXPERIENCE environments. This critical phase includes:

  • Customer needs analysis through infrastructure questionnaire and workshop
  • Infrastructure hosting strategy definition (on-premise or specific cloud solution)
  • Solution compliancy to multiple standards such as FedRamp
  • Infrastructure sizing, specifications and costing
  • Commissioning of infrastructure through best in class cloud hosting providers
  • Robust and scalable installation of a 3DEXPERIENCE platform with rich and relevant documentation
  • Integration to the client network and configuration authentication protocol such as SSO through customer active directory

Managed Infrastructure

Processia guarantees the high-availability of customer 3DEXPERIENCE platform through a robust and proven 24/7 maintenance, monitoring and trend analysis schedule.

  • 24/7 critical incident management
  • Security management & compliance services
  • Performance & capacity management
  • Database management, monitoring and performance analysis
  • Application monitoring through 3DEXPERIENCE tailored probes
  • Backup management
  • SLA guaranteed up-time and services restoration

Managed Software

Turnkey comprehensive customer support through robust AMS services covering all layers from L1,L2 to L3 and aiming at the continuous improvement and reliability of the 3DEXPERIENCE customer applications.

  • SLA guaranteed incident response time
  • Global support team for highly responsive around-the-clock incident response
  • Flexible support programs for cost-efficiency and tailored to customer needs
  • 24/7 web-based self-served service desk with automated dispatching
  • 1 800 call-in number for critical incidents and immediate response
  • Highly skilled support team dedicated to 3DEXPERIENCE technologies

Integrated PLM Upgrades (option)

By mastering the customer environment, Processia integrates a pre-scheduled PLM upgrade program in a cost-efficient fashion, allowing customers to benefit from the latest available product features and fixes

  • Major release upgrade every 2 or 3 years
  • Yearly fixpack implementation
  • Alignment of upgrade schedule with customer needs and product roadmap
  • Risk averse upgrade approach including early changes visibility, impact assessment and customer UAT prior to roll-out


Solution Architecture
Solution Architecture
The solution architect is responsible for analyzing and translating business information and technical requirements into the architecture and design of the solution.
Software Development
Software Development
The software developer is involved in the definition, design, implementation, documentation, integration, testing, and support of reliable and reusable software solutions, addressing functional and business requirements alike.
Systems Administration
Systems Administration
The system administrator performs the installation, administration and configuration of the required operating system, network servers and PLM related software for the realization of customer projects.
Project management
Project management
The project manager ensures the successful planning and the flawless execution to deliver on time and within budget.

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