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PLM Managed Services

PLM Managed Services

Processia enables organizations to efficiently and transparently hand over the maintenance, support and improvements of their 3DEXPERIENCE platform to Processia’s experimented turnkey managed services program.

Processia’s PLM managed services program enables high-availability, reliable and performant systems while continuously improving the end user satisfaction. Key focus is on :

  • Application managed services
  • Infrastructure managed services
  • Regular scheduled systems and 3DEXPERIENCE upgrades
  • On-going agile application improvements


High-availability guaranteed up-time

  • Environments hosting redundant in multiple different geography
  • Experts available around the clock for support and systems restoration

Around-the-clock support

  • Processia around the globe L1/L2/L3 managed services team footprint
  • Dedicated support desk and emergency phone number
  • Efficient response through customer tailored SLAs
  • Flexible support plans tailored to customer needs

Optional cloud-hosted scalable and secured infrastructure

  • Single tenant, dedicated environments
  • Amazon AWS optimized secured 3DEXPERIENCE environments
  • On-demand infrastructure savings

24/7 Infrastructure monitoring status and alerts

  • Real-time infrastructure health check monitoring and live alerts mechanism
  • 3DEXPERIENCE specific monitoring probes

Continuous end-user productivity improvements

  • Optional “Evolution” stream “sprint” based for continuous improvement
  • Business prioritized backlog on a monthly basis
  • Optional scheduled performance and user adoption audits

Integrated continuous PLM upgrades and patches deployment

  • Optional bi-yearly major release upgrade included in managed services
  • Latest features roll-out and adoption

Smooth transition

  • Streamlined system hand-over to Processia managed services through team shadowing, hand-over check lists, code/build/knowledge base components hand-over.


Ramp-up phase

  • Smooth transition and system hand-over to Processia’s managed services
  • Check-list for hand-over of code, builds, knowledge base, maintenance procedure, design documents, outstanding incidents
  • Acquire information and implement tools and processes necessary to ensure the managed services operational phase
  • Implements metrics analysis to identify the proper managed services package tailored to customer needs

Key Output:

  • Kick-off session
  • Hosted source code and 3DEXPERIENCE environments up and running
  • Prioritized evolutions
  • Selected managed services plan

Managed infrastructure services

Maintain high-availability and performance on the 3DEXPERIENCE platforms through

  • Scheduled maintenance activities
  • Monitoring
  • System restoration
  • Trend analysis and infrastructure scaling

Key output:

  • Stable 3DEXPERIENCE platform that exceeds SLA requirements
  • Automated monitoring with live dashboard and SMS and SMTP alert notifications

Managed application services

Record and triage/classification of all tickets within scope of the managed services and bring to resolution through the agreed SLA:

  • Experienced L1/L2/L3 managed services support team
  • Flexible support model
  • On-Demand support
  • Time bank
  • Peak period extensive support
  • Customer support team extension
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Access management
  • Software vendor defect

Upgrade services

This optional “Managed Application – Upgrade services” stream of the operational phase is intended to keep the customer 3DEXPERIENCE platform up-to-date and aligned with the latest Dassault product roadmap in order to:

  • Always run the production activities on a Dassault supported release level
  • Enable the latest added value platform capabilities
  • Leverage up-to-date infrastructure and supporting components

Key output:

  • Technical upgrade assessment: gap-fit analysis, interfaces/integration assessment, data uplift strategy
  • Documentation update: use-case registry with upgrade strategy, smoke-test document
  • Technical upgrade build: solution builds delivered, validated against use-case registry. Compiling JPO and WebApp.
  • Upgraded application validation: stabilization of application
  • Application Go-Live: cut-over plan, dry-run, cut-over execution, 1 week on-site go-live event
  • Upgrade warranty: resolution of issues

Evolution services

Implement changes such as improvements, behavior changes or additional functionalities to the 3DEXPERIENCE customer platform through an “agile” approach with monthly deliveries

Key output:

  • Prioritized evolutions with SME approval
  • Analyzed, developed, tested and delivered evolutions

Retirement services

If applicable, support the hand-over of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform maintenance to the customer or to a third party mandated by customer.

Key output:

  • Key information transferred to new managed services team and shadowing period executed


Project management
Project management
The project manager ensures the successful planning and the flawless execution to deliver on time and within budget.
Software Development
Software Development
The software developer is involved in the definition, design, implementation, documentation, integration, testing, and support of reliable and reusable software solutions, addressing functional and business requirements alike.
Functional Consulting
Functional Consulting
The functional consultant documents the use cases, functional specifications, test plans and scenarios, and supports the customer’s end-users throughout the project implementation and deployment.
Solution Architecture
Solution Architecture
The solution architect is responsible for analyzing and translating business information and technical requirements into the architecture and design of the solution.
Systems Administration
Systems Administration
The system administrator performs the installation, administration and configuration of the required operating system, network servers and PLM related software for the realization of customer projects.

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