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Imène Kadourri
Functional Consultant
« I love working for Processia because of the variety of their projects in the PLM world, every project is new and does open the door for new opportunities and allow the grasp of different industry fields. Moreover, Processia's main success factor is the engaged coworkers. I also love the culture diversity that we share. »
Vishesh Goel
Project Manager
« Processia is a company that encourages talent and believes in employee recognition. The recent motto about “Say it, See it and Fix it” is enticing towards bringing the culture of flexibility and adaptability. The thing what appeals me the most is the freedom to innovate and ability to convert ideas into reality. Having your voice heard by the management team is itself rewarding and at Processia, you will find a lot of opportunities to make this happen and enforce a change. »
Gayle Belcher
Technical Support Specialist
« The strength of Processia's teamwork amazes me. It turns monumental tasks into bite sized chunks, all while enabling personal growth and providing that sense of a human connection and comradeship. What shines to me most in Processia are our people! »
Keith Schooler
Solution Architect
« It is a joy to collaborate with other seasoned professionals to create innovative solutions that meet customers' needs, while working with a revolutionary technology platform that is a leader in the PLM industry. »
Georges Maury
Software Developer
« The missions carried out are always very rewarding from a technical and relational point of view. There is always strong cohesion between members of the team working on our projects, whether it be project managers, developers, or consultants. »
Vishal Agrawal
Software Developer
« Processia is a company where team work is seen at all levels. In house 3DEXPERIENCE Migration product is best in market, enabling users to migrate data to latest release with quality and minimum downtime.  »
Nick Ledger
Functional Consultant
« Processia is a company that excels at communication and where the opinions and ideas of all employees matter. Most companies feel like they are there for the profit, Processia is a company that feels like it is there for the employees. Definitely my favourite company I have ever worked for. »
Ashish Kulkarni
Project Manager
« Working in Processia has been quite interesting for past so many years. You are always working in a team of Inspired, Self driven and Talented Individuals who are willing to help each other at any time. This eases the way we tackle challenges being thrown by our diversified Projects. »
Lisette Lammerts
Account Manager
« Working at Processia means everyday being faced with new opportunities & challenges, so never a dull moment. In my position I am in contact with a lot of people on customer side and internally. Bringing these 2 worlds together and see how we can make mutual growth gets me going everday. It is nice to work in a team where we have the joint ambition to deliver and grow at our great customers.  »
Pascal Senlecques
Functional Consultant
« A human-sized company where employee interactions are always friendly and straight-to-the-point, feel-good atmosphere. »

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Charles-Edouard A., Functional Consultant, France

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Tom S., Project Manager & Solution Architect, Benelux

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Jérémie L., Director of Corporate Offerings, Canada

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