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Align with and fulfill business vision and challenges

Program Objectives Definition

Define PLM program drivers, key performance indicators (KPI) and key success factors
(KSF). Provide core guidelines and objectives to delivery success based on business
vision and core challenges. Implement the fulfillment of governance targeting objectives.

Strategic Process Definition

Define Target Operating Models (TOM) and resulting requirements.

Strategic System Definition

Appraisal of the out-of-the-box 3DEXPERIENCE PLM platform through mapping and gap-fit. Strategic solution definition through gap fulfillment approach with High Level Design (HLD).

Organization change management for transformation program success and improved systems adoption rate

Program success monitoring:

  • Monitor program KSF and KPIs for fulfillment of business vision and challenges.

Cultural Change Management:

  • Alignment on roles, responsibilities and operational transitions as well as related communications.
  • Stakeholders impact assessment, efficient transition plan minimizing business disruption and maximizing success delivery.
  • Tailored training material and approach enabling initial instructor-led training and on-going “self-serve” guidelines and instructions.

Continuous improvement:

  • On-going capture of business feedbacks, alignment of roadmap and communication of program status.

Consulting transition to systems integration

Processia bridges the gaps between consulting and systems integration services:
  • KSI/KSF to continuously track and re-align downstream projects on the core business vision and requirements.
  • Acting as guiding principles when selecting a preferred implementation option.
  • Visible to the extended team and reviewed during governance meetings.
  • Strategic solution (process and system) definition in order to scope and size downstream projects:
  • TOMs and SIPOC analysis align all stakeholders on operational strategies.
  • Strategic systems definition (HLDs) is leveraged to support and guide detailed design while having a strong foundation aligned with the TOM.
  • Stakeholder assessment & transition plan: our cultural change Managers will assess the stakeholders through impact analysis and define a smooth transition plan.

Scalable solution fulfilling business requirements:

Systems design:
  • Aligned with Strategic HLD.
  • Vision to maximize out of the box content and related industries best practices processes in order to ease scalability, upgradability and sustainability.
Systems development:
  • Agile, inspired approach and proprietary implementation framework.
  • Continuous integration in order to ease cultural change management and deliver software builds aligned with expectations and program vision/objectives.
Systems Quality Control:
  • Leveraging best in breed test management platform accessible 24/7 by customer for full visibility on builds quality levels.
  • Testing approach involving sprint based validation and final core team testing, CRP, UAT, regression testing, smoke testing activities.
  • Regularly executed smoke testing procedure reducing risk of regressions on functionalities and performance.
  • Automated testing framework leveraging grid computing solution for system performance and load testing (allowing to proactively identify load issues and bottlenecks prior to go-live).
Systems Delivery:
  • Builds deployments fully automated and packaged in a single container (.zip/.sh) delivered through secured sFTP with single click deployment process.
  • Full logs, release notes and smoke test-cases for trouble free deployments across project and customer environments.
  • Fully reproducible process (no manual intervention) for risk avers approach.
System HyperCare:
  • Trouble free transition through documented solution hand-over to maintenance team.
  • Robust on-site go-live event support and warranty period.
  • Optional turn-key AMS services fully integrated to implementation services.
Project Management
  • Full project management from initial planning and kick-off down to warranty completion.
  • Clear approach involving governance framework, communication plan, risk mitigation, optional co-engagement models.
  • Project planning and execution status visible 24h/7d through web portal.

Systems Integration transition to Managed Services

Processia bridges the gaps between consulting and systems integration services:
  • Maintenance transition package: systems integration projects are comprised of a “maintenance hand-over” phase packaging key deliverables such as configuration guides, maintenance activities schedule and standard operating procedures.
  • Managed services ramp-up phase: initial Managed services “ramp-up” phase allowing data collection for accurate maintenance planning. Tailored Managed services package is then proposed for optimal alignment with client requirements.

Trouble-free high-availability and performance PLM platforms

Managed Infrastructure:
  • Fully managed infrastructure with maximum up-time.
  • Trouble-free and predictive infrastructure services through PLM monitoring, maintenance and trend analysis.
  • Leveraging best in breed monitoring framework and associated probes to highlight real-time infrastructure health status and immediate SMS routing in case of critical issues for quick turnaround and resolution.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) for guaranteed up-time and system restoration lead time.
  • Maintenance services fully integrated with cloud hosting such as with Amazon AWS architecture (see optional Processia “turn-key cloud hosting”).
Managed Application - maintenance and evolution
  • Dedicated team for user application support (L1/L2/L3).
  • SLA for guaranteed resolution times and options for “around-the-clock” support and helpdesk.
  • Optional “evolution” services with monthly deliveries of prioritized improvements by customer SMEs. On-going efficiency savings and end-user satisfaction.
Application Upgrades:
  • Minimize business disruption while leveraging latest out of the box 3DEXPERIENCE solution improvements and latest features.
  • Achieve quality and efficient upgrades through proprietary upgrade automation toolset.

Our Services

Processia bridges the PLM gaps: end-to-end integrated PLM offerings

Processia is partnering with its industry segment leading customers in their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) transformation journey. From initial program definition to solution delivery and sustainment, Processia provides an end-to-end integrated PLM services offering.

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