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Extend PLM platform capabilities and information integration

If your organization needs to support multiple business units, enhance collaboration between business units and enhance architecture for a more sustainable approach to PLM, Processia will support you during your growth and will ensure you are keeping pace with the fast-evolving digitalization trends.

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Key Challenges

Knowing how to extend platform capabilities with own tools and what strategy is needed to implement them

Processia has the skill set and precise expertise in 3DEXPERIENCE to help you and support you with any technological challenge you might have.

Having access to the necessary technology to bridge the existing systems with the PLM

For systems integration, we offer an off-the-shelf bridge between applications that will answer technological challenges.

Collaboration between several resources to comply with requirements

Our process involves all key stakeholders for a seamless implementation.


Whatever your technological needs, we provide solutions

We will provide a turnkey implementation process to unleash additional capabilities of the platform. We have a strong expertise in middlewares and communications strategies between systems and implement scalable solutions for the future.


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