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What it means for you

Faster ROI

Maximize the out-of-the-box implementation along with a quick start setup. We help you identify quick wins during the blueprinting stage and leverage agile and DevOps frameworks to support efficiently an evolving roadmap.

Mitigated risks

User adoption is an essential aspect when it comes to mitigating risk. We reduce risk factors related to user implication and organizational change management through proven technical expertise.

Trust and confidence

Our advisors’ proven track record will get you a clear view of your project while providing the visibility and transparency you need.


Access to a full-blown team with a broad knowledge base. We act as true partners providing methods, tools along with access to Dassault Systèmes training, certifications, customer support, and R&D.


Work with a committed team on delivering a superior implementation backed by Dassault Systèmes design authority AND a fixed price approach.

A sustainable relationship

Dedicated to Dassault Systèmes
Increase your confidence and the security of your implementation with a company that is dedicated to Dassault Systèmes.

Long-term relationship
You can expect greater performance with an expanded sustainable relationship. Our long-term relationship with Dassault Systèmes enables everyone on a project with multiple resources and knowledge base to stay in the know.

Front row on innovation
For us, being a Dassault Systèmes trusted partner means working on a first-of-a-kind implementation. For you, it means working with a skilled team on providing your business with an unfair advantage over your competitors.


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